Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who are the Napnuts?

The Napnuts group was originally formed by a couple of Singaporeans living in Germany back in 1998. The games played back then were mainly Napoleonics using 20mm plastic figures. (Hence the origins of the name - Napnuts.) During our time in Germany, we linked up with an active group of German wargamers - The Dortmund Amateur Wargamers - and travelled with them to several wargaming conventions around Europe.

The group was founded in Singapore in 2000. The pic here shows the original Napnuts members with a visiting wargamer from the US. Interests moved from 20mm Napoleonics into 20mm WW2, and numerous games were played. As some group members became interested in Ancients, the group also began playing 20mm Ancients using Warhammer Ancient Battles.

Around this time, a major foray was made into the metal figure market. Members purchased 20mm metal figures to supplement their plastic armies. At the same time, some members moved into 15mm scale for Ancients and Napoleonics. The group also grew to around 8 members and wargaming became a weekly, instead of a once monthly affair. The pic at the right shows the Napnuts in 2003.

The Napnuts are now active in almost all popular scales and genres. In addition to the standard historical periods and scales, we also play fantasy, science fiction, Victorian Science Fiction, 28mm Pulp Fiction, and 28mm moderns. On the left is a pic of the Napnuts in 2004.


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