Friday, January 20, 2006

Disposable Heroes Game in Berlin

Napnuts Newsflash from Berlin:

Dom's Paras were blooded in action yesterday night with Tom Weiss' rock hard Fallschirmjaeger.

Ruleset used was "Disposable Heroes" available from

This is a skirmish ruleset and appears to be a simplification of the old Battleground WW2 rules by EasyEight and provide a fast-paced, if somewhat bloody, game. The sequence of play is basically an initiative die-roll followed by sequential activation of units. The person with the initiative activates one of his units. He can move, fire and close combat with that unit. Defender may react fire, but only at close range, and only at reduced accuracy. Then it is the defender's turn to activate, and so on until all units are activated, and the cycle resumes again.

Combat resolution is pretty easy. Roll to hit based on the shooter's accuracy, then roll each hit to kill, based on the weapon's killing power. For eg an MG42 gets 8x D10s to hit with a 50-50 chance of hitting, followed by an 80% chance of killing! Woe to the squad that finds itself inadvertently in the cross-hairs of an MG42 gunner!! (In comparison, a Bren only gets 3x D10 to hit with a 50% chance of hitting and a 60% chance of killing).

After movement and firing comes close combat, and this is also a pretty dicey and bloody affair. The person with the initiative (reroll for initiative just before CC), hits first with all his figures (1xD10 per fig), then the REMAINING defending figures fight back, and so on until one side is totally wiped out! Really bloody business!

Enough about the rules. How did the game go? As this was a training game, we only played with 2 sections on each side. The first game was with 2 sections of British Paras advancing to take a Fallschirmjaeger-held village. One section of Paras advanced up a road, covered by a Bren team, but was massacred by deadly accurate MG42 fire! The other section outflanked the MG42 team by working its way out of LOS of the MG team. Once in range, grenades were thrown and the Paras charged into close combat. This was a bloody affair, with only one Para left standing at the end. The Paras therefore had to beat a hasty retreat as there was still one Fallschirmjaeger section in the village. The whole game took only one hour to complete.

For play balance, it is necessary to limit the number of MGs on the German side (a provision made for in the rules by making them more costly in terms of points). Anyway, it was a fun game and a good learning experience. Hopefully there will be more reports to come!

More pics of Tom's Fallschirmjaeger and Dom's Paras.


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