Sunday, January 22, 2006

Game Report: Operation Vertitable

The NN had their usual Lye-Keong-comes-to-town WW2 Crossfire game yesterday. The scenario, chosen by LK, was this one here: Operation Veritable.

21 Jan 06 Game
View from the British side: initial set-up

What complicated the thing for both sides was the fact that we didn't know our victory conditions - neither Mike (commanding the Gerries), nor I (commanding the British) really knew what we were supposed to do to win (other than "kill the enemy", which is a given) - part of LK's devious plans to spice up the scenario.

Any hesitation this "fog of war" may have introduced into the equation was quickly overcome by the fact that we were playing open deployment. This is something we haven't done for a long time - the pros are that it speeds the game up, and requires less paperwork from the umpire and players. The cons, as demonstrated, are that in a system like Crossfire's, where a single player's move may be indefinitely prolonged by careful avoidance of anything that loses initiative, knowing exactly where all forces were on the map gives serious first-mover advantage - especially when the first mover (me in this case) outnumbers the other, and has better quality troops, and tanks (versus no tanks), AND half of the other side's forces set up in the open, on a road.

The general consensus at the end was that one or more of the following would have balanced the game a bit more:
- hidden movement
- letting the Germans move first

Still, this was possibly the shortest WW2 game the Nuts have ever played, and on the plus side, we actually finished it with time to go for kway teow = ).


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