Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Game Report: War of the Roses Campaign, Game 1

The first game of the War of the Roses campaign provided a suitably bloody start to things.

Lancastrians defended, and set up with the Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (Mike) on their left, Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland in the centre (Boon), and Henry VI (Arjun) taking the right flank.

Yorkists set with with William Herbert Earl of Pembroke (FG) on the left (facing Henry VI), Edward IV (me) in the centre (facing Northumberland) and Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (Corbon) on the right, facing Somerset.

The short summary of the battle: FG and Arjun slogged it out for a hill on the Lancastrian right flank, a brutal see-saw battle which saw Henry VI himself joining the fight to bring things to a decisive conclusion - which it did, with Henry's death in battle. The rest of us stood in the wings and watched, with Mike and Corbon settling into a Mexican standoff on the Yorkist right flank, and me ineffectually trying to come to grips with Boon's forces.

The 3 pictures above show the rough progress of the battle for Herbert's hill: after an unopposed occupation of the ridge line, FG's archers were pushed back over the top, while his billmen and retinue engaged one of Boon's (Northumberland's) archers that had strayed onto the right side of the hill (1). The heavy foot wiped out the archers just as Henry's forces closed in on the hill for a decisive clash (2), reforming just in the nick of time to face this assault. The lines bounced back and forth over the top of the hill until Arjun (Henry VI) managed to get a unit of bill in a flanking position to roll up the line (3): FG responded by sending the depleted remnants of his retinue (still powerful) and a single base of billmen to meet the flank attack (making a command roll of 3 to motivate a brigade that had a -2 penalty on commands), prompting Arjun to throw in his command base to the fight.

Henry VI (left) falls to Herbert, Kingslayer (right)

One quick combat, and it was over: FG's heavy retinue chopped up the billmen, and Queen Margaret now commands the Lancastrian forces ...


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