Friday, January 13, 2006

War of the Roses Campaign

The Napnuts have just launched a War of the Roses Campaign using 15mm figures. Here is a comment from the campaign organiser, Cpt Arjun:

"Wahj, corbon and I have been working on a set of campaign rules for the War of the Roses, to be played using Warmaster Ancients rules (with lists drawn up by ourselves). The campaign requires 6 players (i.e. we need 3 more players, no campaign moderator required), and we hope to run it from Feb to Apr, with one battle each weekend, maybe two when we become more familiar with the rules.

About 150 elements of figures will be used for the battles, 2/3 of which will be provided by corbon; wahj and I will each provide 1/6. The other players will only need to paint up one base of foot command and one of mounted (total 10 figures) to represent his own commander. The figures will be provided by me (when I receive them anyway). Other stuff like terrain we will use what we already have, plus some I have ordered. That's the hardware.

The campaign features a two-tier system. wahj and myself, as the contesting Royals of the Houses of York and Lancaster, must try to win the campaign by winning battles. The other players, the Nobles, must try to be the one holding the largest number of counties by the end of the campaign.

The campaign is a mapless one but 'counties' are the currency of the system. Royal players gain or lose them in battle, and Nobles can gain them by grant from Royal players, or by ransom for captured rival Nobles (or you can execute them and make the player use a lousier commander with poorer stats). Noble players do not have to stick with the same Royal player but may switch allegiance throughout the campaign to gain an advantage."

Watch out for more news!


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