Sunday, March 12, 2006

LOTOW in Berlin

On a cold winter's day, we trudged down to the local game shop - Battlefield Berlin - to try out the Legends of the Old West (LOTOW) ruleset from Warhammer Historical. As you can see, the snow is falling hard and everything is covered in a blanket of white. The only problem is that it is already mid-March, and it is still snowing! The shop is located in the north of Berlin at Muellerstrasse 61A. The nearest U-Bahn station (which is almost in front of the shop) is Rehberge on the U6 line.

At least the company in Battlefield Berlin is warm, even if it is cold outside. The shop window advertises Warhammer, but you will also find historicals inside. There are 15mm Flames of War, Corvus Belli Ancients, 28mm Artizan Old West, 28mm Copplestone Gangsters, Back of Beyond, and 28mm Black Tree Designs WW2. You'll also find a wide selection of gaming accessories, miniature carrying cases and terrain pieces.

There is a gaming area in the back. 3 tables set up for different games, or 1 big table. This is where we tried out LOTOW. The shop was kind enough to organise a LOTOW campaign for us, complete with table and terrain. The only thing we have to do is to learn the rules and paint up our own Posse. The next few weekends will only be practice games. Once we are familiar with the rules, the campaign will start.

More later!


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