Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Game Report: Doc Thompson and the Curse of the Chinese Treasure Chest!

This was a Pulp fiction game played on 10 June 2006 at Battlefield Berlin.

The game is set somewhere in Chinese Turkmenistan in the late-1920s. Doc Thompson and his intrepid band of American adventurers have heard rumours about a fabulous Chinese treasure chest hidden in a tiny village near the city of Khotan in Chinese Turkmenistan.

The treasure chest was once owned by the evil Mandarin Warlord Fu Manchu, but was recently stolen by the Chinese bandit chief Mao Chee Chung. Doc Thompson and his men have tracked Mao to this tiny border village on the Karakoram mountain range.

Little does Doc Thompson know that one of his men is a British agent in disguise, and that he has alerted the Indian Army to the valuable Chinese treasure hoard, who are at this very moment crossing the Karakorams. Meanwhile, Fu Manchu himself has sent a force under his trusted ally, General Chiang Hai Chek, to recover the fabled treasure...

Doc Thompson sends Jones and George to check out the village.

Jones and Texas oil-tycoon George discuss the best way to take the village.

Mao's bandits on the lookout.

Bandit Chief Mao Chee Chung checks on his treasure.

Doc Thompson launches his raid!

Mao decides to move the treasure to a safer location.

"Not so fast, my friend!" Doc Thompson races over to intercept Mao.

"Curses!" Mao runs!

"Yoo Hoo! Look behind you!" Mao foils Doc Thompson's men with an ancient Chinese martial arts move!

In a rage, Doc Thompson bashes the bandits! "Where's the treasure, you fools!"

Too late for Doc Thompson! The British arrive!

Oh no! General Chiang's forces arrive as well!

Time for Mao and his men to escape with the treasure!

General Chiang's men enter the village. "Hand over the treasure you fools! Or feel the wrath of Fu Manchu!"

"Fix bayonets, Chaarge!" The British charge Chiang's forces.

British regulars in close combat with Chiang's "Dare to Die" fighters!

Doc Thompson lends the British a hand!

But they are all too late...Mao and his bandits have escaped with the treasure. Who will get the treasure in the end? What is the treasure? Tune in for the next episode of "Doc Thompson and the Curse of the Chinese Treasure Chest!"