Sunday, September 23, 2007

Battles of Sector X - Sunspiders

A previously unknown species of space creatures, dubbed Sunspiders by the races which encountered them, recently entered Sector X. Scientists believe they originated from the galactic core.

So far they have clashed with the cloaked ships of the Ming fleet and the Lyran Empire. It is expected that they will encroach upon the areas held by the other races of Sector X in the near future.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Game Report: Starmada

After a long lull, FG and I decided to play another Starmada game.

The scenario is a straight-forward encounter battle at an asteroid field.

Lyran start

The Lyran squadron at the start.

Kanzian start

The Kanzian sqaudron.

Turn 2

The Lyrans move into the asteroid field to take advantage of the cover. The longer range of the Battlecruiser allows the Lyrans to draw first blood and take out a Kanzian escort.


The Kanzian fighters move round to the Lyran right flank.

Turn 3

The Lyran commander sends a striker to attack the fighters. The two sides come into close quarters, but due to a navigation error the Lyrans are unable to utilise their Shockwave without causing friendly fire.

Turn 4

The Lyran commander tries to space his ships out, but by now the Area Defence Network of the Kanzian ships have caused heavy damage to the Lyran ships, reducing the effects of their Shockwave attacks.

Turn 5

His flagship crippled and surrounded by largely the intact Kanzian ships, the Lyran commander strikes colour.