Sunday, October 21, 2007

Starmada: Lyran-Lagomorph War 1 - First Contact

The Lyran-Lagomorph War was a brief but costly war for the Lyrans when they first entered the Dead Zone for mining purposes, unwittingly trespassing onto territory held by the secretive, asteroid-dwelling Lagomorphs.


A Lyran scount sent to investigate a cluster of asteroids mysteriously disappears, prompting the Lyrans to send a full combat squadron to investigate.


The Lyrans split their formation and begin a spectral analysis of the asteroids.


Suddenly, a hyperspace signal is detected from within one of the asteroid - a Lyran destroyer is hit by a salvo of hyperspace torpedoes and destroyed!


The remainder of the squadron approach the asteroid, but run into a minefield.

After a brief exchange of fire, the Lyrans lost three of their ships and the asteroid entered hyperspace.


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